Members Only

The link will take you to the

Members Only Site.

In order to have access, you must log into your google account.

You can use your regular email address to set up the account.

If you use an eddress other than the one you have listed on the Membership List page, please let me know so that I can add it to the full access list.



  1. I was unable to look at the performance grid!

  2. When did you try? I was having trouble about an hour ago, but I thought I fixed it. What kind of ERROR are you getting when you click on it? Also, try clicking on it so that it opens in a new window.

  3. can’t open the performance grids either…

  4. Odd. Jenny, Steve & I can open the second one, although it doesn’t “say” we can until we click on it and it opens. So, no thumbnail…
    I’ll keep working on it!

  5. I’m not so concerned about the thumbnails, as a personal preference – I can’t read them anyway, and I know the title is a link, so I just click on the link and go.

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